Vietnamese Summer Roll Salad

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Do you remember your first spring roll? I remember mine…

I was in college and up until that point the only “international” cuisine I had was Chinese take-out and my non-Italian mom’s homemade spaghetti. So yeah, I basically hadn’t had any international food. (Up until college that is my sad truth.)


Then I went to huge university that was saturated wtih students from all over the world. They were my classmates, roommates, and dearest friends; in true college-fashion, they were the people I spent just about every waking moment with when I wasn’t sleeping or showering. We went to classes together, studied together, did our extracurricular activities together, and maybe most importantly, ate together. They introduced me to their cultures and cuisines, and I took it all in while discovering new favorites that would shape my life forever. I was open to anything and everything, and always especially eager to find a new cuisine I’d fall in love with.

One of my friends was in love with Asian food in general, and Thai and Vietnamese cuisines in particular. Any time a food outing was suggested, if she had her way we’d be feasting on things like fresh spring rolls, steaming bowls of pho, or flavorful Thai curries.


I remember my first experience at a local Vietnamese restaurant; biting into a spring roll with its fresh vegetables and crisp textures, a perfect balance of flavors with its pungent dipping sauce. I was hooked.

This beautiful salad features those same flavors and textures.

Head over to my guest post on the Tasty Kitchen Blog to check out the full recipe for Vietnamese Summer Roll Salad along with step-by-step photos!

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