Crunchy Asian Slaw

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There is an absolutely killer Asian slaw recipe floating around the internet; in fact, I’d even guess that many of you have had it.

I’ll admit that I’ve had it, and more than once. It somehow makes an appearance at almost every summer party I attend (and I promise I’m not the one who brings it, lol).

It has tasty things like sesame seeds, almonds, scallions, and soy sauce. After requesting the recipe from a friend, I discovered that it also has pretty generous amounts of butter, oil, sugar, and even ramen noodle seasoning mix. That last ingredient is not only high in sodium, but also has MSG. I was less than thrilled when I realized that the slaw I loved so much didn’t love me back at all.

So yeah, I was done with that.

But I still love a good slaw with Asian flavors.


I probably don’t have to tell you how excited I was when I found a much healthier version of my favorite Asian slaw that still packs a huge punch of flavor, no MSG required . It’s a hit at parties, and still one of the first dishes to disappear from a buffet table…and I feel so much better eating it.

Head over to the Tasty Kitchen blog to check out the full recipe for Crunchy Asian Slaw!

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