Vegetarian Big Macs

The lentil burgers in these Big Macs are so, so good!  And I don’t mean so good for a meatless burger, I mean so good!  Trust me, vegetarian or not, this is a serious burger – just look at the size of that thing!  If you don’t like the Big Mac toppings, you can top them with anything you like.  I’ve tried the following combinations:  salsa & green leaf lettuce, guacamole & Bibb lettuce, mini Babybel and sliced tomato, and of course “the works” (or at least what I call the works) – the traditional ketchup/mustard/relish/minced onion with American cheese.  All of these flavor combos are fabulous!  (Yes, I’ve been on a lentil burger kick basically all week!)  I like to make a large batch of these and individually wrap and freeze the leftovers.  I may not ever buy premade veggie burgers again.  ;)




Vegetarian Big Macs


(Yield:  2 servings)


Lentil Burgers:

1 c cooked lentils

½ small white onion, finely chopped

1 TB olive oil, divided

1 egg white

½ tsp Worcestershire sauce (optional; please note that if you add this, your burgers won’t be completely vegetarian because Worcestershire contains anchovies)

½ tsp garlic powder

3 TB breadcrumbs

Pinch salt and pepper


In a small pan, sauté the onion in 1 tsp of olive oil until the onion is slightly soft and translucent; allow it to cool slightly.  Pulse the lentils and cooled onion in a food processor 5-10 times (there will still be some whole lentils).  Transfer the lentil mixture to a bowl and gently mix in the rest of the ingredients.  Allow the mixture to rest for 5-10 minutes; shape into 4 equal patties.  In a medium nonstick skillet, preheat 2 tsp of olive oil; cook the patties for 5-10 minutes on the first side and 3-5 minutes on the second side (or until golden brown on both sides).  Drain on a paper towel-lined plate.


Special Sauce (or for a similar taste result you can just use Russian/Thousand Island dressing):

1 TB low-fat mayo

1 TB ketchup

1 tsp dill relish

¼ tsp lemon juice

¼ tsp dried minced onion

Pinch salt and pepper


Mix together all ingredients for the special sauce and chill until ready to use.


Big Macs:

4 lentil burgers

2 slices low-fat American cheese, cut in half

3 Arnold sandwich thins

½ small white onion, thinly sliced

4 baby dill pickles, thinly sliced

3 large leaves Romaine lettuce, shredded

Special sauce


To assemble a sandwich, layer the Big Mac in the following order:  ½ Arnold thin, lettuce, onion, pickle, ½ slice of cheese, 1 burger, ½ Arnold thin, lettuce, onion, pickle, ½ slice of cheese, 1 burger, ~1 TB special sauce, ½ Arnold thin.  Repeat this process to make the second sandwich.


Serve with apples thinly sliced to look like French fries.






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