Random Shopping Pictures From Our Middle East Vacation

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Middle Eastern markets are amazing.  Imagine yourself walking through ancient city streets lined with shops and open-air markets selling anything you can imagine, and the scent of jasmine and spices wafting through the air.  You’re sipping metteh (an herbal tea) or maybe snacking on roasted nuts.  You pass a couple of elderly gentlemen who are laughing while playing a game of cards and smoking a hookah, which smells beautifully of apple and licorice.  You stop, look around, and inhale deeply, taking in as much as you can and trying to freeze this moment before it slips by.  (Have I mentioned I love Middle Eastern markets?  :) )

I took most of these photos in Old Damascus, walking from Bab Sharqi (the eastern gate) towards Souk al Hamidiyah, and a few of the pictures were taken inside the Souk.  If you’re ever in Damascus and are in the mood to treasure hunt, I highly recommend walking this strip.  It’s a bit pricier than other places, but haggling is generally an accepted practice; not to mention that you get what you pay for, and this stuff is the real deal.  Plus you never know what you’ll find…some of it is gorgeous, most of it is old (or really old!), and all of it is unique.  As Mike can attest to, I could literally spend days here…

I’m in love with the striped, burgundy-colored shawl on the top, second from the left!

One night Mike went on a sweet shop sightseeing tour through Old Damascus and one of the surrounding neighborhoods called Midan (which is world-renowned for its sweets!).  He was kind enough to take pictures of some of the really gorgeous shops.  Thank you for the pictures, baby!

Just look at that breathtaking ceiling (above)…

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