Meals in Minutes — Leftover Grilled Veggie & Bulgur Wheat Lunch

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During the hottest part of summer, I find solace in things like cold showers, air conditioned coffee shops, and popsicles.  I barely feel like eating, let alone cooking, but since popsicles really don’t really qualify as a meal I make good use out of leftovers that can be eaten cold.

In my fridge had a few leftover grilled veggies along with some bulgur wheat and Akkawi cheese, so I threw them all together in what turned out to be a fantastic lunch.  If you’re not familiar with Akkawi, it is a white, mild-flavored cheese originally from Palestine that can be found at Middle Eastern markets.  It has a slightly salty flavor with a creamy mouth feel, and it crumbles nicely; to me, it’s sort-of like a cross between feta and ricotta salata.  You can use any cheese you like though.

Leftover Grilled Veggie & Bulgur Wheat Lunch

Serves 1

Any mix of veggies you have, chopped into bite-sized pieces (I used grilled zucchini, yellow summer squash, and roasted red bell peppers)

1 serving grain/pasta (I used bulgur wheat, but brown rice, quinoa, barley, couscous, or anything else would work)

1/2 oz crumbled or cubed cheese (I used Akkawi, but feta, queso fresco, ricotta salata, blue, or anything else would work)

A small handful of fresh green herbs, chopped (I used a combo of chives and mint)

A small handful of toasted seeds/nuts (I used sunflower seeds)

Olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste

Toss together all ingredients and serve immediately.

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