Food Blogger Cookbook Swap 2014

Food Blogger Cookbook Swap

Nearly everyone I know is a cookbook collector.

It always starts innocently enough; maybe you found a book that was on sale for a song and couldn’t be missed, or maybe you had to buy your favorite chef’s cookbook(s). But then before you realized what was happening, you moved your entire collection into the spare room and bought a third new bookshelf to house it.

Sound familiar? Me too.

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Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

Ladies, for those of you who cook for picky kids or hubbies, you will appreciate this.

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Announcing the BLEND Affiliate Program

Blend Affiliate Program

At the beginning of last summer, Alyssa and I launched our BLEND smoothie e-books. It was our goal to bring you a new kind of smoothie: hand-crafted artisanal flavor profiles that elevate smoothies from something you’d throw together in a hurry, into something that satiates a craving and satisfies like meal. Quality, regarding both health and flavor, matters above all else to us.

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Chicken, Corn, and Bell Pepper Enchiladas

Chicken, Corn, and Bell Pepper Enchiladas

A while ago, a reader requested recipes that freeze and reheat well. Things like casseroles or stews that make good gifts for neighbors or new moms, or are perfect for keeping stocked in your own freezer for busy nights.

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Peanut Butter Monte Cristo Club

Peanut Butter Monte Cristo Club

I remember the first time I saw a Monte Cristo on a menu. I was feeling completely grown-up and oh-so-worldly eating at a fancy café downtown with a friend. Where we had driven our 16-year-old selves.

Anyway, the name of the dish caught my eye and as I read through the description I was curious…and captivated.

Always a fan of the savory/salty/sweet combo, I ordered it.

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10-Minute Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce

10-Minute Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce

I’m nothing approaching a homesteader (heck, I’m really not even a camper!), but I like a DIY cooking project as much as the next girl. This is why it seriously surprised me that it never even dawned on me to make homemade enchilada sauce until recently.

Not long ago, enchiladas were requested for dinner and as my pantry was bereft of canned sauce, I knew I either had to head to the grocery store for just a single item (which I was not about to do…this is one of my pet peeves!) or get creative.

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Mosaic Mondays {12}

Mosaic Mondays Logo

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Two-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Fondue {Paleo}

2-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Fondue

I know it’s last-minute, but I got you a Valentine’s Day gift.

(You knew I wouldn’t forget about you, right?)

I think you’ll forgive me for being fashionably late when you find out what it is.

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Apple-Walnut Rainbow Chard Salad

Apple-Walnut Rainbow Chard Salad

I swear, if you hop backwards 11 times facing the sunset every Sunday, you won’t be sick all week!, a friend told me. Hmm…I guess I can see how that would work, I replied with a smile on my face. (Not so much, really, but who am I to judge?)

Anyway, I have my own ideas too…I try not to skip workouts (because they clean out my lungs) and I religiously take a Vitamin C pill every day.

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Pecan Linzer Cookies with Cherry Filling

Pecan Linzer Cookies with Cherry Filling

Does anyone else remember being in elementary school and literally spending days hunting around for the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your classmates?

Everyone used to have to give a card to everyone – boy or girl – no matter if we liked them or not.

(Which of course was good so that no one felt left out…but it left serious problems when it came to choosing the perfect card. It was a fine line between finding a pretty, flowery card for the girls without having it be too sappy and endearing for the boys. Ahhh, to have the problems of a fifth-grade girl again, lol.)

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