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Jam-Filled Shortbread Cookies

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

So, Halloween is tomorrow…and I have no idea where October went. (Forget October, where did summer go?!)

I’ve been starting to think about holiday cookies; every year I go on a hunt for a new recipe or two to add to the collection of classics that I always make. Like the Snickercrinkles I made last year, this batch is also a hybrid: shortbread + jam thumbprints. And it really is a fantastic pairing. (more…)

Homemade Hearty Almond-Vanilla Cereal {And a Big Bob’s Red Mill & Attune Foods Giveaway!}

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

I make granola frequently and I’ve shared a couple recipes for it (this Pumpkin Spice version is one of my favs when autumn is in the air and even when it’s not), but I’ve never tried my hand at homemade cereal before.  (You know, the flake kind.)  Until now.

I found a recipe on Mr Breakfast for Nutty Bran Flakes and I was immediately inspired.  (Obsessed is probably a better word, lol.)  I knew I had to make my own version. (more…)

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