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Nutty Biscotti {7 Days of Festive Holiday Treats}

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Where you live, does it snow for Christmas? It used to snow here religiously every year. (Actually, I remember being a kid and trick-or-treating in the snow on Halloween some years!) Alas, we haven’t been guaranteed a white Christmas for the past four years or so.

Which is a crying shame, really…there’s just something about a blanket of white that makes Christmas feel so special. (more…)

Toasted Coconut-Almond Biscotti {Giveaway!}

Monday, April 16th, 2012

I have a picture of each of the seasons in my mind…summer is grill parties, fall is harvest dinners, and winter is comforting stews, roasts, and casseroles.  But every time cheery spring arrives with its bright blossoms, chirping birds, and sunny days, I feel like brunch is in order. (more…)

Hello! I’m Faith and I write An Edible Mosaic. This is my recipe collection of international favorites and updated American classics, with an emphasis on seasonal dishes. I focus on real foods that sustain body and mind, bring people together, and make a house a home. Welcome to my mosaic of recipes.

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