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A Lamb Feast

Friday, June 15th, 2012

In many cultures, meat in general and lamb in particular is what you serve to guests…especially guests you really like!  (Since it’s usually the most expensive part of the meal, serving meat demonstrates your hospitality.)  I ate more lamb in the Middle East in just a couple months than I ate in the rest of my life combined.  (Middle Easterners are a generous, hospitable group of people…lamb was on the menu often!  Plus my hubby has a lot of family members, and each one wanted the chance to host us.)

Stateside Mike and I generally don’t eat as much lamb, except during the Eid right after Ramadan.  But really, the biggest reason that we don’t eat is very often is because we haven’t been able to find a good supplier.


Vanilla-Ricotta Stuffed Crepes with Orange-Maple-Walnut Syrup {Giveaway}

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

So, honey, I made something and I think it’s really good…do you want to taste it?

I’m not really hungry.  (Not two minutes later, he grabs a bowl of mixed nuts and starts munching away.)

I thought you weren’t hungry? 

I’m not…these are just nuts.  (Lol, really?  I thought nuts were food.  I keep these thoughts to myself.  :) )

I sit down next to him, beautifully plated crepe in hand.  Can you just try a bite?, I say, waving the plate temptingly in front of him so he can smell it as well as see how pretty it is.  He sighs, realizing that sometimes I can be just as stubborn as him.

As I all but plug his nose and stuff the bite into his mouth, he tastes it and admits that it’s delicious. (more…)

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