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Basic No-Knead Bread

Monday, January 21st, 2013

DSC_8084(small)I know it’s been a couple years now since no-knead bread first took the food world by storm. I am no doubt behind the times for only now trying it, especially since it’s probably considered passé to some. Even so, there can be no denying that it’s a pretty fantastic discovery.

I think the reason I waited so long is I’m the sort of person who finds solace in mundane tasks. I like watching my mom vigorously mash potatoes by hand with the simple hand masher I remember her using since the time I was young, and then taking care to add the perfect combination of milk, butter, and salt, always eyeing it though, not a measuring cup or spoon in sight. Or watching my mother-in-law shape kibbeh or hollow out vegetables for mahashi for hours, working with nimble hands and a level of ease that only comes from years of practice. (more…)

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