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Fiori di Sicilia-Inspired Syrup

Friday, February 8th, 2013


Last weekend I had big plans for the gigantic bag of organic lemons that had taken up residence on the bottom shelf of my fridge. Pushing thoughts of lemon bars, lemon curd, candied lemon peel, lemon sorbet, and lemon pie out of my head, I decided on lemon marmalade.

Since the title of this post wasn’t “Lemon Marmalade” you can probably guess that something went wrong along the way. (more…)


Monday, September 19th, 2011

When Heavenly Housewife (of From Donuts to Delirium) and Stevie (of Weird Combinations) announced that their cooking challenge this month was croissants, I immediately knew I wanted to participate.  Even though they’re time-consuming and more than a little intimidating (at least for me!), I’ve wanted to try my hand at making them for quite some time. (more…)

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