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25 Spring Salad Recipes

Monday, March 31st, 2014

25 Spring Salad Recipes

In the collage above, on the left, top to bottom: Sugar Snap Pea and Fennel Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette from Gourmande in the Kitchen, Blood Orange, Butter Lettuce, Radicchio, and Endive Salad with Fennel and Tangelos from Karen’s Kitchen Stories, and Lentil Salad with Herbed Goat Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette from An Edible Mosaic; on the right, top to bottom: Detox Kale Salad from The Healthy Maven, Strawberry Black Bean Salad from An Edible Mosaic, and Mandarin Salad from Shugary Sweets.

Living in Kuwait with weather that’s never really winter-like (at least not in the blizzard sense that I’m used to), it’s easy to overlook spring’s arrival. But I know it has been an insanely cold and snowy winter back home and for so many of you, the advent of spring is a much welcome change (or at least hope for change, if it still has not stopped snowing!). (more…)

Creamy Cranberry-Walnut Chicken Salad

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

The other day Mike and I went to Al Mubarakiya, the old market here in Kuwait (if you’re interested, you can check out my photos of the old market here on my Instagram feed), with no intention of buying anything. For him, we came home with four pounds of mixed nuts, one pound of salted pistachios, and two pounds of fresh-roasted Turkish-ground coffee (ok, really the coffee is for both of us); and for me, we grabbed two pounds of raw walnuts and one pound of unsweetened dried cranberries. The problem is, there is a shop there that has the most insanely fresh coffee, nuts, and all manner of things of that sort. You walk in and you want to spend all day just smelling the air and sampling everything.

But of course I don’t think the shop owner would appreciate either of those things… (more…)

Super Simple Fresh Fig + Pistachio Salad with Pomegranate Dressing

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


Who says salad can’t be spectacular?

Not I.

I think the best part about a salad is its simplicity. If you have amazingly fresh produce, just let its flavor shine and the work is done for you. (more…)

Spiced Blueberry Chutney + The Ploughman’s Lunch

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


After making Rye Bread I thought making about a nice homemade jam to go with it…something sweet, spiced, and fall-like. My mind went to my Spiced Balsamic Concord Jam not only because it’s such a beauty, but also because this time of year Concords are always on my mind.

Not even knowing if I could find Concords here in Kuwait, I decided on something a bit simpler to make, yet still completely flavorful: Spiced Blueberry Chutney. Instead of being just sweet like jam, it has a balanced flavor profile and nice melding of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. It’s just as perfect on a turkey sandwich as it is on toasted bread with butter. (more…)

Warm Roasted Red Onion + Corn Salad

Monday, August 12th, 2013


I go crazy for onion. I’m the girl who orders her sandwiches/burgers/pizza/omelet/salad with extra, extra onion. And even with double extra, I find that most places are still a bit too skimpy with the onion for my liking. (Good thing my hubby is an extra, extra onion kind of guy too.)

Normally I’d say this salad is all about the onion for me…because just look below and see how gorgeous that roasted red onion is. (more…)

Crunchy Asian Slaw

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013


There is an absolutely killer Asian slaw recipe floating around the internet; in fact, I’d even guess that many of you have had it.

I’ll admit that I’ve had it, and more than once. It somehow makes an appearance at almost every summer party I attend (and I promise I’m not the one who brings it, lol).

It has tasty things like sesame seeds, almonds, scallions, and soy sauce. After requesting the recipe from a friend, I discovered that it also has pretty generous amounts of butter, oil, sugar, and even ramen noodle seasoning mix. That last ingredient is not only high in sodium, but also has MSG. I was less than thrilled when I realized that the slaw I loved so much didn’t love me back at all.

So yeah, I was done with that.

But I still love a good slaw with Asian flavors. (more…)

Classic Caesar Salad Dressing {And a New Spin on Caesar Salad}

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


Shabby chic is one of my favorite styles.

Rustic elegance.

I love little twists and oxymorons that doen’t seem to go together, but in the end, go together seamlessly. They help keep classics not only alive, but fresh and exciting. Take Caesar dressing.

There’s nothing new about it, and I don’t think there needs to be. It is absolute perfection in its classic form. Creamy, salty, garlicky, umami. Wonderful. (more…)

Strawberry Black Bean Salad

Friday, June 7th, 2013


Some things just naturally go together swimmingly.


Like cheese + crackers.

PB + J.

Summer + corn on the cob.

Cake + birthdays.

Pizza + movie night.

Chocolate + ladies.

Those pairings need no explanation.


Vietnamese Summer Roll Salad

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013


Do you remember your first spring roll? I remember mine…

I was in college and up until that point the only “international” cuisine I had was Chinese take-out and my non-Italian mom’s homemade spaghetti. So yeah, I basically hadn’t had any international food. (Up until college that is my sad truth.) (more…)

Moroccan-Spiced Carrot-Date Salad

Friday, April 12th, 2013


After snow flurries last week, spring has finally sprung here! What better way to enjoy it than with a beautiful, refreshing salad? This carrot salad is a bit of a surprise and nothing like the average picnic-staple carrot salad you might be more familiar with. It boasts a citrusy Moroccan-spiced dressing, onion for a savory pungency, and sweet Medjool dates and navel oranges to add sweet balance. Head over to my post on Honest Cooking for the full recipe!

Hello! I’m Faith and I write An Edible Mosaic. This is my recipe collection of international favorites and updated American classics, with an emphasis on seasonal dishes. I focus on real foods that sustain body and mind, bring people together, and make a house a home. Welcome to my mosaic of recipes.

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