An Edible Mosaic Cookbook Launch!

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There’s no way I can sit still right now. I can’t stop jittering (and that’s before any caffeine!). I’m too excited to eat. I actually feel like heading out into our 30-degree-Fahrenheit weather and going for a run…and I am so not a runner, lol.

My cookbook is out!!!

It has over 100 authentic Middle Eastern recipes (with photos!), mostly taught to me by my wonderful mother-in-law, Sahar, during the time I spent in the Middle East after marrying. If you’re like me and you enjoy Middle Eastern food but didn’t grow up learning how to cook it, I explain things in an approachable way that is easy to follow – so this book is for you!

I also de-mystify a few exotic ingredients, cooking tools, and cooking techniques. And because cuisine and culture are so closely intertwined, I include a bit of Middle Eastern culture in the cookbook. Culture is what brings a certain richness to a cuisine, is it not?

Here’s what’s in the book:

Cooking Tips and Techniques

Basic Cooking Tools

Buying the Right Middle Eastern Ingredients

Basic Recipes

Breads and Pies


Vegetable and Rice Side Dishes

Appetizers and Light Meals

Beans and Lentils

Chicken and Seafood

Beef and Lamb



Middle Eastern Grocery Stores

Not to mention, the Foreword was written by the lovely and talented Lorraine Elliott of Not Quite Nigella! She’s my mentor, “blog sister”, and sweet friend. Thank you so much, Lorraine!

The book is now available for purchase in bookstores across the US and online! Depending on the area, there may be distribution issues due to Hurricane Sandy…if you can’t find the book at your local bookstore, please feel free to request it from the store manager. (And if you were able to find the book at your local bookstore, please feel free to leave a comment letting me know – I’d be thrilled!)

Here’s where you can buy it online:

Amazon US

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble

Book Depository (free shipping worldwide)

I think it would make a lovely holiday gift…or even just a gift-to-self. :)

P.S. This Friday I’m having a very special Virtual Book Launch Party with many fabulous bloggers participating! The event has a wonderful sponsor list with over $1200 worth of prizes that I will be giving away – be sure to check back on Friday!

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  1. says

    Faith, even though I’m a newer reader I’m super excited for you! I wouldn’t be able to sit still either. I am bookmarking this page, so when I get back to work I can get it. I would love to learn some new dishes from a different region! Congrats to you!!

  2. says

    Congrats, Faith! You have created something that is all yours and that you can share with so many people! I know all your readers are so proud of you :)

    Also, I’m thinking gift-to-self ;)

  3. diane conover says

    Congrats…The Peanut Butter ,Bacon ,Leek Bites look and sound amazing..I love Peanut Butter and Bacon so I will be trying these.Thanks

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