Food Blogger Cookbook Swap 2014


Nearly everyone I know is a cookbook collector. It always starts innocently enough; maybe you found a book that was on sale for a song and couldn’t be missed, or maybe you had to buy your favorite chef’s cookbook(s). But then before you realized what was happening, you moved your entire collection into the spare room and bought a third new bookshelf to house it. Sound familiar? Me too....

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Announcing the BLEND Affiliate Program

Blend Affiliate Program

At the beginning of last summer, Alyssa and I launched our BLEND smoothie e-books. It was our goal to bring you a new kind of smoothie: hand-crafted artisanal flavor profiles that elevate smoothies from something you’d throw together in a hurry, into something that satiates a craving and satisfies like meal. Quality, regarding both health and flavor, matters above all else to us....

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31 Fast, Healthy Dinner Recipes for Busy Nights {And Food Blogger Cookbook Swap Announcement}

31 Fast, Healthy Dinner Recipes for Busy Nights

In the collage above, on the left: Seared Salmon with Tzatziki Sauce; on the right, top to bottom: Sautéed Kale with Sausage and White Beans, Two-Bean Vegetable Soup, and  Stovetop Tuscan Mac and Cheese. In the spirit of getting good food into your family fast on a harried weeknight, here is a one-month collection of quick, nutritious meals. Most of them come together in under 30 minutes, some of them use a slow-cooker to help get dinner on the table with minimal effort, and others help you remake leftovers into a delicious and completely different new meal....

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BLEND Holiday Volume 1 is Here! {E-Book Launch + Giveaway}

Holiday Volume 1 Cover

The holidays are without a doubt my favorite time of year. Everything about this season feels magical…fall foliage (back home, anyway! There aren’t too many leaves changing colors here in Kuwait, lol), fuzzy blankets, cozy comfort foods for dinner, shopping for Christmas presents, watching festive movies, and of course indulging in holiday flavored drinks. Lattes like Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, and Peppermint Mocha are just a few of my favs. Like so many of you out there, I want to be able to enjoy these seasonal flavors while still eating clean. I want something that is fabulously delicious and equally nourishing, and above all, I don’t […]...

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Harvest Your Health E-Book Bundle Valued at Over $1000 on Sale for Just $37…1 Week Only!


I have been dying to share something with you for the past month…I’ve been greedily poring over beautiful paleo recipes, getting meal plan inspiration, learning how to make homemade skincare products, and reading up on a couple different cleanses. I think you’re going to love this bundle as much as I do, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with you! This post is a long one, but trust me, you don’t want to miss it…grab something to eat or drink and settle in!...

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Food Blogger Prop Swap 2013


Have you ever been to a restaurant and while waiting for your meal to arrive, someone else’s meal at a nearby table came and it smelled so good or it looked so beautiful going by that you just had to sneak a peek? (I know I can’t be the only one, lol.) Kind-of like the impulse to look at someone else’s food, I love looking at other food blogger’s props. And drooling over not only the food they’re serving, but what they’re serving it on. Along those lines, I was pretty excited about the Food Blogger Prop Swap....

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The Announcement I’ve Been Waiting One Year to Make!

Blend The Basics Cover(small)

I’m trying not to bounce off the walls ceiling as I write this because I’m so excited. I’ve been working on a project with the fabulous Alyssa of Everyday Maven for the past year and a half. (Literally.) And I’ve been dying to share what we’ve been up to with all of you for at least the past year, lol. Now it’s finally time!!! If you’re feeling snacky, this is a good time to grab a cup of joe and/or something to munch on because this post is a little on the long side…and you don’t want to miss it!...

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