Spiced Sirloin Roast for Two


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you probably know that I’m not the biggest meat eater; in general I really don’t make roasts (except roast chicken, which is a specialty of mine). For the most part I gravitate towards fish or veggie-based meals, so I don’t blame my hubby at all for being completely impressed (actually, shocked is probably a better word) when he came home to this lovely roast beef one day....

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Baby Hasselback Potatoes


One of the things I love most about food blogging is checking out my fellow bloggers’ sites…I am inspired to no end by you guys! When I first started blogging (which feels like forever ago) I came across a recipe for hasselback potatoes on Sea Salt with Food. I thought they looked pretty fantastic and jotted the site down on a piece of scrap paper…and thus began my “to-make” list, which is now 12 typed pages long and ever-increasing....

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Bean and Barley Salad {Vegan}


I don’t know about you, but I prefer a romantic Valentine’s Day meal at home over a meal at most restaurants. That way you get to enjoy a quiet meal with your loved one in the comfort of your own home without any waiting or traveling…and I’m guessing the food is just as good (or better!)....

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Candied Grapefruit Peel — Christmas Brunch

IMG_9773 (Small)

Growing up, my family’s favorite cookbook was Betty Crocker’s Cookbook (my sister and I would get so excited when we saw my mom pull out that tattered red cookbook!  We knew something delicious was not far away).  Not just any Betty Crocker cookbook though, it was a 1981 edition, which of course is now considered vintage (funny how times change, isn’t it?).  The thing about this cookbook is that it’s designed not only to hold recipes, but to actually teach the average modern day home cook how to cook....

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Pink Grapefruit Supremes with Honey & Mint — Christmas Brunch

IMG_3176 (Small)

Living in what basically amounts to the tundra in the winter, I have to take winter’s perks as they come.  One of the things I look forward to most of all during these frigid months is the delicious citrus that is in season.  (Of course it’s shipped here from somewhere else, but at least we get to enjoy it, lol.)  This grapefruit salad is simply flavored but deliciously refreshing, and makes a perfect addition to Christmas Brunch....

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Vegetarian Sausage Patties — Christmas Brunch

IMG_0885 (Small)

Every family has at least one picky eater.  It could be someone who doesn’t eat anything their mom didn’t make (Mike baby, you know that’s you), or someone who doesn’t eat meat, or someone who doesn’t like dishes containing any green food (D., I’m talking to you, lol!  And yes, I still love you).  You get the idea.  I really can’t throw stones though, since at one point as a teenager I decided I didn’t like meat and went through about a six month vegetarian phase.  But my mom wasn’t one to cater to my whims; every dinner she made a meal consisting of a protein (some […]...

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Hot Chocolate — Christmas Brunch

IMG_0188 (Small)

Some days are better than others, especially this time of year.  Some days you wake up and spring out of bed with a smile on your face, just knowing that it will be a good day.  But then you get into your car and spend hours battling the barrage of angry shoppers, not only in stores but also on the roads and in parking lots.  After following decorum and waiting patiently for a parking spot and then having your space stolen not once, not twice, but three times and then waiting in four different lines for over an hour each only to find out that two of the items […]...

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Christmas Dinner for Two: Vanilla-Maple Glazed Cornish Hens, Spiced Yams, and Braised Red Cabbage with Cherries

IMG_0715 (Small)

I absolutely love everything about this time of year…the festivities, the family time, the food.  I’ve noticed that when it comes to holiday feasts, it doesn’t matter whether you’re making a banquet for a group of twenty friends or an intimate meal to enjoy with your love; the truly magical thing is getting to share a beautiful meal with someone special.  A dear friend of mine recently asked me to put together a Christmas dinner for two; I happily agreed (developing recipes and menus is pretty much my all-time favorite thing to do!) and Cornish hen immediately came to mind.  Specifically, I thought of Cornish […]...

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Christmas Brunch Menu

Christmas Brunch

‘Tis the month of December…a month of celebrations, and we all know that so many holiday festivities revolve around food.  While recipes for holiday cookies, appetizers, and drinks abound, I haven’t seen many full holiday brunch menus.  I know that many people (my family included) eat brunch on holiday mornings and because of this, I wanted to come up with a holiday brunch menu to share with all of you!  Throughout the next few weeks I’ll be posting recipes for the items on the menu…enjoy and Happy Holidays!...

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