Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower Gratin {Grain-Free; Gluten-Free}

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How does your family do Thanksgiving dinner?

Pot luck-style with everyone bringing a dish to pass? Or maybe the person hosting makes everything and someone else hosts the next holiday?

In my family, dinner is always at my mom’s house, and she and I make everything together (except for the turkey, which my mom brines and my dad roasts).

We like to have an assortment of sides to please everyone because everyone has a different favorite. And it seems like there is always at least one person who is on a new diet or who found out that they are intolerant to something, and we also like to have a dish that fits their way of eating.

Enter this pretty little number.


My Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower Gratin is grain-free, gluten-free, and full of flavor. It has a super velvety texture, like the creamiest of the creamiest mashed potatoes. It has two kinds of cheese – cream cheese and Emmental – but for a dairy-free version, look for non-dairy vegan “cheese” products to substitute. This dish works as a nice substitute for mashed potatoes, making it good for people on a low-carb meal plan.

And leftovers? If there are any, they reheat beautifully in a 350F oven (just cover the dish with foil and cook until warm throughout). But there probably won’t be leftovers.

Head over to my guest post on Bonbon Break for the full recipe for my Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower Gratin!


P.S. I’m thrilled to be heading home for the holidays this week! I’ll be there until the beginning of January and I already have all my posts scheduled and ready to go, so there will be no lapse in blogging. And of course I’ll have internet access at home, so I’ll still be responding to emails and comments. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that my hubby couldn’t get time off work to come…but he’s going on the night shift so our schedules will be aligned (even with the 8 hour time difference), and we can have FaceTime every day. And at least he has a freezer full of homemade meals to last him a while. :)

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  1. says

    This looks incredible! I’m generally not a huge fan of cauliflower but I definitely think I could manage it if it looked like this!! Delish!

    Have fun at home! You’re so organised having all your posts ready to go – and leaving your husband with a stocked freezer! Wish I thought that far in advance! :P


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