Cooking Light’s Sloppy Joe Sliders

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One of the things about having a food blog is that I try to make as many new dishes as possible.  Which is good in the sense that Mike and I are always trying new recipes, but bad in the sense that when a meal is good, we don’t get to enjoy it as often as we’d like to!  Sloppy Joes were a favorite of mine when I was growing up, but they were a rare treat since they weren’t one of my dad’s favorites (and by that I mean he’d always complain about them and then make a cold cut sandwich for dinner when my mom served them).  

Up until recently, I only remember making Sloppy Joes once for Mike and I, and that was about four years ago.  (Surprisingly, since he’s such a picky eater, Mike loved them!  He calls them “Turkish Meat Sandwiches” since he says they remind him of something he used to eat in the Middle East…what a way to dress up the name Sloppy Joes, huh?  Lol!)  Even though we both really enjoy them, Sloppy Joes are just a meal that I easily forget about.

Luckily for both of us, a delicious looking recipe for Sloppy Joe Sliders was featured in the SuperFast section of this month’s Cooking Light magazine.  The recipe had more veggies than most recipes (carrot!) and looked really flavorful (with things like Dijon, Worcestershire, and red wine vinegar).  And the sandwiches were served as sliders, which gives them bonus points for being super cute.  (To view the full recipe, see here.  I made the recipe exactly as written but served them with hot sauce so whoever wanted to could add a little flavor kick.)

They were a huge hit, not only with Mike and I, but also with my niece who was over for dinner…I definitely think Sloppy Joes will be back on the menu soon.

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  1. says

    This is one of those meals that Hubby asks me for everytime he orders it at the restaurant. Who knows when he’ll be surprised at our home table ;o)

    Have a great weekend Faith.
    Ciao for now,

  2. says

    Haven’t thought about sloppy joes in years. The way we cook changes drastically when the kids are gone. This would make a super football-viewing treat. Going to check the link and copy the recipe. Cooking Light is a favorite!

  3. says

    I love sloppy joes, too! I rarely make them, though because Brett says he doesn’t like them, even though he’s never eaten one, and Andrew says he only likes the ones at school – go figure.
    This recipe, though, looks too good (and too cute!) to pass up.

  4. says

    I agree! I often find myself asking Josh if there is a particular meal he enjoyed that he wants me to make again (since I’m constantly making new recipes). Sloppy joes are so yummy! I love throwing the mix on top of a salad or mixing it in with veggies

  5. says

    Agree with you – you get to make all kinds of stuff. I have never made sloppy joes and that is because i can’t stand soggy bread, yours truly look amazing though.

    • admin says

      Delishhh, Thanks so much! I’m with you on soggy bread :) …Cooking Light suggests splitting the buns and toasting them under the broiler — it worked like a charm!

  6. says

    Yum, I loved sloppy Joes as a kid and haven’t had one in forever. The ingredients almost make it sound like a pulled pork flavor profile?

  7. says

    I have the same regret about food blogging–there are so many fabulous meals that we’ve only enjoyed once b/c of it! lol! We love sloppy joes too but I don’t think I’ve made them once since starting my blog. I like these healthified ones. Sounds and looks good!

  8. says

    Sloppy Joes were the opposite for my kids…their dads favorite thing to make, well the only thing he could make,and they loved them! They still make them and would love the slider version :)

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