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    This is simply the essence of summer condensed into frozen format! It looks so elegant, too… You’ve got me craving ice cream all over again with that one picture!

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    Hi Faith,
    Great photo, makes me want to grab a spoon. I’ll head over for your guest post.

    I opened my email newsletter from Amazon a few days ago, and guess what book was suggest? I was so excited for you, and said I know that author:) Have a great weekend!

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    I always feel horrible posting recipes for ice cream/frozen yogurt that require an ice cream machine. This looks perfect…and delicious! I have quite a few peaches at home, too :)

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    That’s gotta be the most perfect ice cream I’ve ever seen (not even kidding!). And I like that you don’t need an ice cream machine to make something that looks this good. It’s not peach season in Australia at the moment so I will have to wait a few more months to make this.

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