Mosaic Mondays {12}

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1. Have you ever had the sweet potato/quinoa combo? I haven’t, but recently I’ve seen too many recipes featuring this combo for it to be just coincidence; not completely unaware of these things, I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Just look at Joanne’s Crispy Quinoa and Power Greens Salad with Smokey Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette, The Roasted Root’s Sweet Potato and Quinoa Stew, and A House in the Hills’ Sweet Potato Quinoa Patties.

Almond Butter-Stuffed Dates

Almond Butter-Stuffed Dates; photo from my Instagram feed.

2. Do you have a snack obsession? My current is almond butter-stuffed dates. Can’t.get.enough.

3. Lately I have been craving old-fashioned apple fritter doughnuts – you know, the deep fried kind that are crispy outside and chewy inside, studded with apple pieces, faintly spiced with cinnamon, and sticky sweet with glaze – like nobody’s business. I was looking up ideas for what to make with apples and I came across this picture, which did me in. (That is exactly how I remember the apple fritters of my youth!) Then I found Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe, and now making them is all I can think about.

4. Does anyone living in Kuwait (or anywhere on a beach, for that matter) have a secret trick for keeping the floors sand-free? (That is, aside from mopping twice a day and taking off shoes before going inside.) The neat-freak in me who doesn’t like a constantly gritty floor is going a little nuts and I’m open to any suggestions, lol!

5. Thank you to Cut Out + Keep for featuring me as a cooking superstar this week! I am honored. They interviewed me and they’ll be sharing a different recipe of mine each day this week…head over and take a look!

Egyptian Roumy Cheese

Egyptian Roumy Cheese; photo from my Instagram feed.

6. One of the things I love about living somewhere new is getting to explore via food. Since moving to Kuwait, every time I go grocery shopping, Egyptian Roumy cheese has been tempting me in the dairy section. I finally caved and tried it (nope, I have no idea what I was holding out for). I don’t know why, but it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It’s a hard, crumbly cheese with a pungent, salty flavor; all in all it’s similar to Pecorino Romano. I think I found a new favorite.

7. If you were going on a 15 day vacation in Europe and wanted to really make the most of it by seeing as many places as you could but not having to rush through each place so much that you missed the whole experience, where would you go? (And one more caveat – your hubby definitely wants to go to Italy!)

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for including my salad!! I am a BIG sweet potatoes+quinoa fan. Although – disclaimer – I could eat sweet potatoes in ANY form and be happy!

    I need to hop on this almond butter+date bandwagon. YUM.

  2. says

    Congrats on the feature!! Well deserved. That sand would drive me nuts too. Luckily, we live far enough away from the water that we don’t get the sand in

  3. Andrea says

    Oh Faith…your a Rock Star! Your living this international life, come on? I’m so jealous…LOL! I’ve had an awesome New Year, my sister and I found each other after decades of searching, that was 01/04…then went on a 15 day cruise…so, so much fun & the food, forget about it! Dined at Chef’s table, beyond gourmet! My 1st grand baby born…she’s amazing!
    I’m all over quinoa & have tried it in almost every dish, re-stuffed sweet potatoes. Also I found an amazing balsamic that’s infused w/black Mission fig, OMG it’s to die for! I’m just sayn’ I’ll bet with your access to all that yummy produce, do experiment with more infusion! Thanks again to you and all who post these amazing recipes. Love & blessing to you & yours, Andrea

    • says

      Andrea, You are so incredibly sweet! It sounds like your New Year has been pretty amazing so far. I am so happy for you about finding your sister! I can imagine what an incredible feeling that must have been. Also, huge congrats on your first grand baby! That is so sweet. A 15-day cruise sounds fabulous and so does dining at the chef’s table – now I’m jealous, lol! That balsamic sounds wonderful, I will look for it or try my hand at making it myself! Wishing you all the best, my sweet friend. xo

  4. Khadijah says

    Here in Saudi, I also battle the sand, and other than always removing our shoes and not opening the windows as often as I would like, I haven’t found a way to cut down on the indoor sand. I have pretty much given up on it and made peace with it ;-)
    Egyptian Roumy cheese is one of my husbands absolute favorites, although it’s a bit too harsh for my taste. I’m happy you’re enjoying exploring all the Middle Eastern food varieties.
    I would visit the fjords of Norway if I was going to Europe!

    • says

      Khadijah, I think you’re right, I need to make my peace with the sandy floor because there is just no possible way to keep up with it! :)

      Seeing the Norwegian fjords would be amazing!!

  5. says

    We actually just threw together a quinoa and sweet potato dish last week. End of the week, not much in the house, but had kale, sweets, and onions. Sauteed them up. Always have quinoa – cooked that. My husband added 1/2 can of pureed tomatoes, some harissa, cumin, and paprika; topped with some cheese – it was a fantastic meal!

  6. Alison says

    Totally going to try the almond butter dates later today mmmm!

    Italy is actually the only place I’ve been in Europe! I lived in Florence for one month and travelled to the other cities too -do NOT miss the Cinque Terre, you get a nice hike walking up and down the cliffs along the Mediterranean and the variety of building colors and the flower petals strewn all along the sidewalk-soooo pretty :) If you want a Tuscan countryside feel, try San Gimignano- it’s a small hilltop town, very picturesque and they have the worlds best gelato (literally they won some competition). Venice is lovely, looks just like the pictures :) and Rome is a must see too and because the monuments are more spread out it feels less crowded. Take the high speed train around so you can see the most in 3 days and then go travel around the rest of Europe :)

    • says

      Alison, Thank you so much, this is super helpful! With limited time and so much to see, I had no idea how to even begin planning…I will definitely take your advice!!

  7. Julie says

    Just made a delicata squash soup (used the entire thing, seeds and skin and all – we grew them so felt ok about it) and at the end threw in some leftover red quinoa. Will definitely try with sweet potatos.
    Try the dates with cashew butter! it’s our after dinner treat almost every night.

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