Mosaic Mondays {13}

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I hope you had a great weekend! Here are a few things to get excited about on a Monday morning…

Wood Apples

Wood Apples

1. Wood apples. Yup, I promise they’re a real thing. A sweet friend of mine recently brought me back some of this fruit from Sri Lanka, and I made it into juice, which is incredibly refreshing and has so many health benefits (here is the recipe)!

2. Did you see Kitchen Treaty’s absolutely beautiful recipe for Sea Salt & Honey Ice Cream? It has only four ingredients, doesn’t require an ice cream machine to make it, and looks like something I could happily life off of in hot weather (haha, I wish!).


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3. Disney’s newly-released movie Maleficent is, in a word, magnificent. In true Disney style, the story line is full of twists and turns to keep you interested, but I love that it also features a few lines word-for-word from Disney’s animated Sleeping Beauty movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it; here’s the trailer if you want to take a look.

4. This BBQ Chicken Salad from aaplemint looks killer! I love the Indian flavor additions.

5. How adorable is this I Could Eat a Horse spaghetti measurer? (And no, I do not sell them, lol!)

Bison Soup

Bison, Bean, and Vegetable Soup

6. Have you tried bison meat? Before I tried it, whenever I saw it in a recipe I’d automatically swap it out for beef. A couple months ago, Mike and I first tried it; we really enjoyed it and I’ve been cooking with it ever since. To me, bison tastes similar to beef, but is a bit sweeter and more mild-flavored than beef (I don’t find bison to be gamey tasting at all!). Bison is a deeper red color than beef, and is naturally lower in fat and higher in nutrients than beef. Maybe the best thing about bison is how the animals are raised and handled; they roam free on the open range for most of their lives and aren’t given antibiotics or growth hormones. You can prepare bison the same way you’d prepare any other red meat; it made an especially delicious soup with beans, tons of veggies, and pasta in a tomato-based broth. (You can read more about bison from farm to table on the USDA’s website.)

7. If you’ve ever been to Phuket, Thailand, what are the best places to visit? I’m hoping to see some beautiful ruins, do some shopping (I love old markets in particular), and eat some good food, and Mike is ecstatic to go to the tiger temples. Any suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Betsy says

    I can’t wait to see the recipe on wood apples! What a unique treat! And, I can’t wait to see Malificent! It’s so adorable that her own little girl plays young Aurora!

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