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It’s (already!) Monday again and I hope you had a great weekend, or long weekend for my friends back home in the States celebrating Labor Day!

Here’s what’s on my mind this week…

Blend Bundle Labor Day Sale

1. Alyssa (of Everyday Maven) and I have a pretty great BLEND treat for all you smoothie-lovers out there! For the next two days (until 11:59PM EST on September 4th) the coupon code “LaborDay” will take off of 50% all BLEND e-books! That means that The Basics is only $4, Summer Volume 1 is only $5 (I’ll be honest, rebel that I am, I use these recipes year-round…who wouldn’t enjoy deliciousness like a healthy Almond Joy smoothie all the time?!), and for the biggest savings, those two books bundled together are only $7.50! The sale is so short, be sure you take advantage now and don’t miss out!

Homemade Maple Cinnamon Banana Nut Bread

Homemade Maple-Cinnamon Banana-Nut Bread

2. Homemade Maple-Cinnamon Banana-Nut Bread. I made this a while ago and right now it’s all I can think about. If you’re ready for a change from your average banana bread recipe, I highly recommend it. I started with my Best Banana Bread recipe and made a few simple changes: used granulated maple sugar instead of regular sugar; used 1 teaspoon maple extract instead of 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste and 1/2 teaspoon almond extract; increased cinnamon to 2 teaspoons; and added 1 cup chopped walnuts.

3. Chocolate-lovers, you won’t want to miss the Chocolate Party on Roxana’s Home Baking; she’s sharing a new chocolate recipe every other day from now until September 30. (Which happens to be my birthday…what more could a girl ask for than a month of chocolaty treats for her birthday?) Roxana has partnered with some wonderful sponsors to give you the opportunity to win a fabulous prize by submitting your chocolate recipes (and you don’t need to have a blog to participate!). Head over to her chocolate party for more details.

Clara Peasant Blouse From Anthropologie

Clara Peasant Blouse From Anthropologie

4. Even though it’s 115F outside (sadly I am not kidding), I feel like it should be time for fall. I wish I had use for this gorgeous Cardi Sweater Coat from Victoria’s Secret, or even this adorable Search High and Low Wrap from Krimson & Klover. Anyway, I think I’m going to go with this pretty Clara Peasant Blouse from Anthropologie, which looks fall-like with its rich colors, but still breezy enough for high temps.

5. I’m looking for any tips at all on baking in an electric oven. The last time I had an electric oven was during law school and I really wasn’t doing much baking back then. Now that we’ve moved overseas, I have an electric oven again – and this time I actually will be using it – and I’m trying to get the hang of it. Any tips you can give me are much appreciated!


Beef Biryani Stuffed Inside Basmati Rice

6. Mike invited his boss to dinner this Friday and has requested I make biryani (he wants Pilaf-Style…but I’m sort-of hoping to convince him that my Beef Biryani Stuffed Inside Basmati Rice would be better!). I also think I’m going to make naan, cauliflower curry, cucumber tomato raita, and vermicelli pudding for dessert. Please feel free to share a link if you have a favorite Indian recipe!

7. Happy Labor Day to all who are celebrating it today! If that’s you, tell me what you’re making.

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  1. says

    Hi Faith! Love this round up and your fashion choices – like you I’d love to wrap up in fall sweaters but that won’t be happening for a while yet – too darn hot!
    Ok, electric ovens. In general they heat more evenly than gas. The key though is to know how hot your oven really is! So, get yourself an oven thermometer if you don’t have one already. Put the thermometer in and heat your oven to whatever temperature you generally bake at -say 350. When the oven comes up to temp, check the thermometer. If it’s not at 350 turn the oven either up or down until you reach 350. That’s the part that is more “art” than “science” – you are just going to have to play around with it till you get the right setting (which of course may have nothing to do with what the dial/pad shows as the temperature setting!) Then pick another temperature and try the same thing – believe it or not, if an oven is off say, 15 degrees at 350 it may or may not be for other temperatures. Good luck!!!

  2. Tammy says

    Hi, have you redone your website? I get long narrow columns now. When I clicked on Homemade Maple-Cinnamon Nut-Bread, I got something that said Instagram. I do not have that. I only have the email which is how I receive your emails. I went to search and still couldn’t find Homemade Maple Cinnamon Nut Bread recipe? I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone. HELP??

    • says

      Hi Tammy, Sorry for the confusion! Nope, I haven’t redone my website. The link to the Homemade Maple-Cinnamon Banana-Nut Bread is a link to my photo of the bread on my Instagram feed – no worries, you don’t need an Instagram account to see the picture! Then later in that paragraph I give instructions for the recipe…the recipe for this bread was based on my Best Banana Bread recipe, but with the few changes I mentioned in the post above. I hope that helps!

  3. says

    Thanks for the #chocolateparty mention, Faith. I hope you’ll enjoy the chocolate treats we’ll be sharing this month. WIsh I could make you a cake for your birthday.
    For the last couple of days, here the weather is already like fall. I love this time of the year!
    As for the electric oven. I absolutely adore mine. I think it takes a little bit of practice to get used to it (I had a gas oven before) but once I learned how to use it, it was a piece of cake the rest.

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