Peanut Butter, White Chocolate, & Apricot Tartlets

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Anyone a fan of peanut butter cookies?  Yup, me too.  ;)  These little beauties take peanut butter cookies to the next level with white chocolate and apricot preserves.  For the full recipe, check out my post on Peanut Butter & Co.’s All-Star Recipe Blog.  (There’s also the chance to win a 16 oz jar of White Chocolate Wonderful, the peanut butter used in this recipe!)

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  1. says

    Oh Faith, those look heavenly! We always have a jar of the White Chocolate Wonderful here and my hubby made peanut butter cookies with them but I’ll have to show him your recipe on their site! Yum!

  2. says

    WHat are you trying to do to me, girl! Just after I finished off all the nut butter jars in my apartment you’ve convinced me to go buy another one. These tartlets look awesome!

  3. says

    How very inventive! Love the apricot rather than the standard raspberry (as nice as raspberry is). I bet it tastes sublime. I appreciate how it is a two-bite treat rather than something one needs to cut in half and share!

  4. says

    Wow, what a combination! I would have never dreamed of peanut butter and apricots together in one dessert, but with the White Chocolate Wonderful flavor, I can totally see it working. That’s my favorite one that PB + Co makes, too!

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