Sweet and Sour Chicken

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Sweet and Sour Chicken

One of my favorite lines in Friends is when Chandler is moving in with Monica and he and Joey are enjoying their last night together. Not knowing what the other was doing, Joey ordered pizza and Chandler ordered Chinese; Joey (who is of Italian descent) told Chandler (who is really obviously not of Chinese descent) something like, “It’s kind of nice…me bringing the food of my ancestors and you bringing the food of yours.” What made it so hilarious was Chandler’s reaction. (Gosh, I miss that show!)

Anyway, if given the choice between pizza or Chinese take-out, it is a tough call.

Sweet and Sour Chicken 2

It’s kind-of a moot point in our house though; we try (for the most part) to avoid both because neither is particularly healthy. I don’t like the way I feel after eating them, particularly Chinese food, which is frequently high in salt, sugar, fat, and often MSG.

But the great thing is that these dishes are pretty easy to re-make at home. When you make them at home, not only can you add more veggies to the dish, but you can decrease the salt and sugar, and also choose healthier cooking methods to reduce the fat (for example, roasting instead of deep frying). You still get to enjoy your favorites, but in a way that won’t cause to you regret having done so.

Along those lines, Cooking Light has a great version of Sweet and Sour Chicken. It’s flavorful, healthier, and comes together in less than 30 minutes. It’s the perfect weeknight meal when Chinese take-out sounds pretty good and you’re contemplating eyeing the menu.

Head over to my post on Culinary Covers for the full recipe for Sweet and Sour Chicken!

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  1. Lauren @ Living the Savory Life says

    I LOVE Friends. So many funny moments!

    And I totally agree. Chinese made at home can be so much healthier. We always add tons of veggies.

  2. Andrea says

    Faith, you’re so cool, I adored friends also…mostly caught it on reruns as I was a 6 night a week working mama, with a toddler & teen!At that time I was doing costumes here in Vegas…the dancers were talking about it all the time!

    • says

      Andrea, You are so much fun! I can only imagine what a blast it must have been to do costumes in Vegas. Yup, I caught Friends on rerun too…when it first aired I was a little young for the show and I remember thinking how old they looked. Now they don’t look so old, lol!

      Sending you love and hugs! xo, Faith

  3. Aunt Gretchen says

    A little off the subject… I want to wish you and Mike a Happy Anniversary. Love you, sweetie :-)

  4. Barbara Leckstein says

    If you really believe Chinese food is unhealthy you have been eating in the wrong restaurants. Steamed fish and/or seafood, stir fried vegetables in the smallest amount of peanut or veggie oil, etc, are all healthy lo fat, lo carb, lo cal. Sure take out can be all you said, but that’s usually Chinese food adjusted for America’s preference for overly sweet, deep fried and salty food.

    • says

      Barbara, I was actually referring to Americanized Chinese food, which is what many people think of when they hear the term “Chinese take-out”. You’re right “real” Chinese food is very healthy; unfortunately, real Chinese food is not nearly as common in the US as Americanized Chinese food is. I think we can probably agree that it’s healthier to cook at home than to eat Americanized Chinese food, and that’s without even getting into a discussion about the other numerous benefits of cooking at home in addition to the health-related benefits.

  5. Betsy says

    I have sister whose job has taken her to China several times, and I remember her saying that the only way to get truly Chinese food, outside of China, is to make it at home! I agree with you, Faith! It’s definitely not the same! And thanks for the suggestion about Cooking Light’s recipe1 I’ll have to check it out!

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