Strawberry Black Bean Salad

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Some things just naturally go together swimmingly.


Like cheese + crackers.

PB + J.

Summer + corn on the cob.

Cake + birthdays.

Pizza + movie night.

Chocolate + ladies.

Those pairings need no explanation.

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Black Bean Burger Dinner {$.96 Per Serving!} for Food Bloggers Against Hunger #takeyourplace


Today’s post is dedicated to helping feed those in need. We don’t have to look as far as you might think to find hunger…did you know that in the U.S. nearly 1 in 5 children live in households that don’t know where their next meal is coming from? That’s 16.2 million kids struggling with hunger in this country alone. Millions of Americans are limited to spending an average of only $3 to $4 per day on food through the food stamp program. With that in mind, I wanted to come up with a healthy dinner recipe to feed a family of 4 for $4 or […]...

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Lazy Sauerkraut Pierogi Casserole with Apple


Once the familiar crisp chill of autumn settles in, my mom eases back into her routine of making big traditional comfort meals for our Sunday suppers, instead of casual dinners cooked on the grill. A few years back she started making a dish called Lazy Pierogies that she learned from an old friend of the family. I was recently craving this dish, and as my mom was reading me the recipe over the phone, I saw my next project materialize....

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Stuffed Zucchini with Cheesy Breadcrumbs


My mom never made stuffed zucchini when I was a kid, so the first version I had was a Middle Eastern dish called Kousa Mahshi that my mother-in-law made.  It was love at first bite, and since then I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of different stuffed zucchini recipes.  (These recipes really come in handy this time of year when everyone is trying to think of creative new ways to use up zucchini!)...

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Spinach, Ricotta, & Portobello Gratins


I had a couple of beautiful portobellos in my fridge and I was going to make them into giant stuffed mushrooms…but, there are a million recipes out there for stuffed mushrooms and you probably don’t need another.  (Plus I was in the mood for something a little different!)  I thought the mushrooms would also make the perfect base for individual gratins so I decided to do that instead....

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Pumpkin Chickpea Curry


’Tis the season for pumpkin, as you all well know. I feel like I’m a latecomer to the party since I haven’t posted anything with pumpkin yet this fall! ...

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Refried Lentils & A Fiesta of a Meal!


In college I dormed with three other girls my junior year.  We didn’t do much cooking (since there was one kitchen for the whole floor and it never seemed to be without a sink full of dirty dishes, a food-spattered stovetop, and a sticky counter…and who wants to have to clean someone else’s kitchen mess before they can make dinner?), but when we did one of our favorite things to make was fajitas with refried beans.  We didn’t make them often, not only because of the kitchen issues, but also because making fajitas was always a whole night affair....

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Spaghetti with Eggplant, Basil, & Breadcrumbs


For the full recipe, please see my guest post on Sanjeeta KK’s lovely blog Lite Bite.  She is starting a new series called Awesome Food  Bloggers and Their Healthy-Living Secrets and I am truly honored to be her first guest poster!  Thank you so much, Sanjeeta KK!...

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Pasta Patty Sandwiches with Peanut Sauce

IMG_9998 (Small)

When my friend Lazaro of Lazaro Cooks! recently announced the Quickies Noodle Challenge he’s co-hosting with Denise of Quickies on the Dinner Table, I immediately knew I wanted to participate.  The timing was perfect since I’ve been dying for peanut noodles, but I was feeling adventurous and didn’t want to make peanut noodles in the traditional sense…I started thinking about how I could put my own twist on it....

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