Time to Submit Your Easter Recipes On All Through the Year Cheer (And a Recipe for Spring Pasta Salad with Pea Pesto)

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(The full recipe for Spring Pasta Salad with Pea Pesto can be found here.)

It’s time to submit your Easter recipes for our All Through the Year Cheer event!  You can submit your recipe by entering it in the MckLinky in this post, or by emailing it to us.  You can submit as many recipes as you want that say Easter to you (for the complete rules, see here).  Don’t forget, there will be a fantastic prize for the winner!  Brandy and I are thrilled to see the recipes you all came up with!

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  1. says

    this pea pesto looks fantastic! no doubt that green is my favorite color for food!!! :D oh… right, the easter recipe… I’m sooo behind on this. I really want to enter, but I see so little chance to “beat” your recipes that are always scrumptious!!!

  2. says

    I suggested someone’s adorable cupcakes be entered – I hope she did! We’re in Vegas for Easter (how Holy of us…), so I didn’t make anything :(

    The pesto recipe…off to check that out. Always a sucker for Faith’s recipes AND pesto ;)

  3. says

    I really love the idea of making a pea pesto. This reminds me that Spring has arrived.

    I am looking forward to seeing the Easter recipes that your readers submit :-)

  4. says

    Hopefully I’ll be able to churn out a recipe BEFORE easter (and won’t be scrambling easter morning to make something for the family…). This pea pesto looks delicious! I’m a total pesto addict. It screams warm weather to me.

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