Whipping Up a Tasting Platter on a Whim

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Eggplant Dip, one of the many dips that might be found in my fridge at any given time. (Recipe can be found in my book!)

I love taking a peek inside someone’s fridge.

I’m not the only one who is secretly (ok, maybe not so secretly anymore) a little bit nosy about what other people like to eat, am I?

Come on, admit it, you like it too, lol.

If you were to look in my fridge at any given time, here’s what you’d probably find…



Assorted cheeses

Assorted halal lunch meats

Fresh fruits and veggies

Way too many condiments

Assorted olives from the olive bar

Homemade dips, like hummus, eggplant dip, zucchini dip, etc.

Tasting Assortment with Zucchini Dip

Keeping these things on hand makes it easy to put together a delicious assortment at a moment’s notice. This is perfect for holiday entertaining, when sometimes all you have is a moment of notice before company stops by. And I don’t know about you, but I love feeding people…if they’re stopping by, I’m feeding them something. (Yes, I might be an Italian grandmother – or any grandmother, lol – inside.)

With a fridge stocked with these essentials (that I always have in the fridge because Mike and I eat them regularly anyway), it’s easy to whip up a tasting platter with a variety of dishes in just a couple minutes.

Tasting Platter with Labneh (Yogurt Cheese)

When company unexpectedly drops in, Mike takes their coats and I dash to the kitchen; here’s how it usually goes for me:

  • Arrange cheese on a serving dish (I get this out first to take the chill off the cheese before serving).
  • Rinse and quickly chop any fresh veggies I have on hand (such as bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, carrot, celery, lettuce, fresh herbs, etc.) and arrange them on a dish. Sometimes I cut everything into thin strips for a normal crudités platter, and sometimes I chop them in more rustic chunks.
  • Pour olives into a serving bowl.
  • Spread whatever dips are in the fridge into shallow serving dishes; drizzle a little olive oil on top and maybe a sprinkling of fresh minced parsley if I have it on hand.
  • Arrange crackers and/or flatbread on a serving platter.

That’s it! By the time the guests have their coats and shoes off and have settled into the living room, I have a pretty nice assortment to serve. And then I get to sit down and relax and enjoy the food and the company even more…happy entertaining!

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  1. says

    I also like looking in others’ fridges because you can tell so much about a person that way! I also do it occasionally as part of my job :P Great tips on what to have around — I think I need to go shopping!

  2. Letty says

    See, I KNEW I liked you… look at all those “nibbles and bits!” I had some of those cucumbers in my lunch today! Oooh, and I have some za’atar in my cupboard… I’m going to have to get it out to serve with pita and olive oil.

  3. says

    I don’t have your book yet, Faith – but entered Natasha’s contest! :) I make a lot of these recipes, too… Do you add cumin to your eggplant dip? I chop mine by hand, so it has a bit more texture – but I love all of them. I roast the eggplant, drain for a few hours, peel, chop smoked flesh very fine, add onion, salt and mayo… or sometimes, garlic, salt and EVOO. Love them both. You do exactly what I do… but I have a lot more preserved veggies… wish my hubby ate more of the fresh ones!
    (PS glad you were compensated for the ads! ‘Tis the season!)

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