Easy Appetizers

Turkey Sliders with Swiss Cheese

By An Edible Mosaic

You can make these ahead of time and they reheat well! See the full recipe for instructions.

Pro tip

Step 1

Stir together all ingredients for the honey mustard butter sauce in a small bowl and set aside.

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Step 2

Put the entire tray of rolls onto a cutting board and horizontally slice through them. You should be able to pick up the top of the rolls as a unit.

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Step 3

Place the bottom half of the rolls on the prepared baking tray. Layer on 6 slices of cheese, and then the turkey. Dollop on the cranberry sauce. Top with the remaining 6 slices of cheese.

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Step 4

Place the top half of the rolls on top. Spoon on the butter sauce.

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Step 5

Cover the rolls with foil and bake for 25 minutes, removing the foil during the last 5 minutes.

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