1. 15+ recipes gives you lots of options

2. Meal prep them to save time

4. Lots of variety - there's something  for everyone

3. Great for budget-friendly dinners

5. These boneless chicken thigh recipes are family friendly and perfect for weeknight dinners!

You'll Love

Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs in the Air Fryer

Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken

Shish Tawook (Middle Eastern Grilled Chicken Skewers)

Chimichurri Chicken Thighs

Bambian Peanut Stew with Chicken

And more!







Includes these recipes:

Garlic Mushroom Chicken Thighs

Add a couple side dishes and you have a restaurant-quality meal!

Chicken Riggies

Upgrade your pasta and you'll never look back!

Instant Pot Moroccan Chicken

Wake up your tastebuds and send them on a trip around the world.