French Pastries

Pain Suisse au Chocolat

By An Edible Mosaic

Be sure to read the full recipe before starting to get an idea of the process. Check out the post for step-by-step photos.

Pro tip

Step 1

Make the vanilla pastry cream and let it chill (see the full recipe for directions).

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Step 2

Make the brioche dough.

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Step 3

Roll out the dough. Spread the pastry cream on one half of the dough, and sprinkle the chocolate chips on the pastry cream.

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Step 4

Fold the dough over onto itself and cut it horizontally into 10 rectangular pieces.

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Step 5

Arrange the pastries on baking trays, let the dough rise one last time, and brush the pastry tops with eggwash.

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Step 6

Bake the pastries until golden. As soon as they're out of the oven, brush the cool simple syrup on top of the hot pastries.

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Buttery, golden brioche dough, vanilla pastry cream & chocolate chips.