1. 25+ recipes gives you lots of options

2. Make them ahead and save time

4. Lots of variety (salads, sandwiches, finger foods, and even hot lunches)

3. Picky eater-friendly

5. Budget-friendly and delicious ideas to nourish your family!

You'll Love

Creamy Chipotle Shredded Chicken Tacos

Veggie Pinwheel Tortilla Rollups

Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad

Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizza

Hungry Hippos (Sandwich Recipe for Kids)

And more!







Includes these recipes:

Individual Charcuterie Boxes

Fill them up with anything you'd put on a regular charcuterie board, and think of them like adult Lunchables!

Pizza Pockets For All Ages

This freezer-friendly recipe thaws perfectly from the time you take it out in the morning to the time your kid eats it at lunch!

Delicious Tuna Pinwheels

Colorful, nutritious, protein-packed, and affordable. What more could you want in lunch?!