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I love summer for so many reasons, one of them being the carnivals/fairs/amusement parks and the carnie food that corresponds.  The food smells wafting through the air are the best part of the carnival…sausage/peppers/onions, corn-on-the-cob, grilled chicken, cotton candy, funnel cake, fried dough…need I go on?  One of my favorite summer food indulgences are caramel apples topped with nuts.  Of course you could eat a caramel-nut apple from the carnival and justify it to yourself (hey, it is basically an apple), but why wait for the carnival, or even summer for that matter?  You can enjoy caramel apple oats any time!



Caramel Apple Oats


(Yield:  1 serving)


¼ c steel cut oats

1 small-medium apple, diced and divided (I used an Empire apple so it would keep its shape during cooking)

¾ c water

Dash salt

Dash cinnamon

1 TB Heath Bits ‘O Brickle Toffee Bits (you could probably use butterscotch chips if you can’t find these)

1 TB chopped walnuts


In a small pan, combine the oats, ¾ of the diced apple, water, and salt; heat on medium-low heat for ~12 minutes (stirring frequently) or until it reaches your desired consistency.  Serve topped with the ¼ reserved apple, Heath bits, and walnuts.

Faith, author of An Edible Mosaic.
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  1. Never heard of the toffee bits – do you think you could replicate the flavour with brown sugar or something?

    1. Sarah, I think brown sugar would be a fantastic substitute!

  2. What a wonderful idea, the perfect breakfast treat. It sounds so delicious.

  3. you had me at caramel and apples! YUM!

  4. What a great idea and it seems simple enough that even I can make this! Thanks for yet another wonderful recipe!!

    My man made your pizza over the weekend, it was outstanding!

    Hope you’re having a great week!


  5. What a great idea! This looks like such a delicious treat! I love that it is for one serving.

  6. Never tried oats with apple and caramel. Looks yummy, should try it someday :)

  7. I love warm apples in my oats, but you took it to a new level!!

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