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When it comes to my beverage of choice I’m usually a water drinker, but when I eat out one of the few exceptions I make is when I see ginger ale on a menu.  Most people don’t understand my obsession (which I admit is a little weird), and actually, my ordering ginger ale usually invites questions like do you have a stomachache, or are you 90?  (Let’s hope the answer to at least the second question is fairly obvious, lol!)  It’s totally worth the ridicule though; for me ginger ale’s crisp refreshing flavor is second to none, which is why I’ve been dying to make a homemade version (it’s not often I can get my hands on ginger ale made with fresh ginger!).

I’ve always thought of ginger ale as a festive drink, which makes it a perfect choice for this time of year.  And since Mike and I don’t drink alcohol, it’s a great alternative beverage for us to ring in the New Year with (also great for the kiddies, by the way!).  To make it, I infused ginger syrup with rosemary but you could use just about any herb or spice you like, such as mint, cinnamon, clove, etc. (or feel free to just make plain ginger syrup if you prefer).  Also, you could experiment with other sweeteners, such as honey or maple syrup.

Rosemary-Infused Ginger Ale

(Yield:  About 1 2/3 c rosemary-ginger syrup to make ginger ale)

2 oz fresh ginger (a piece about 3 to 4-inches)

1 small spring fresh rosemary, stems discarded and leaves coarsely chopped

2 c cold water

3/4 c sugar

Seltzer water, chilled

Finely grate the ginger (peel and all) on a microplane or in a food processor.  In a medium saucepan, combine ginger, rosemary, cold water, and sugar.  Bring up to a boil, then turn heat down and simmer 15 minutes.  Strain through a fine mesh sieve and discard solids; chill.  To serve, pour 1 to 2 TB (more or less to taste) rosemary-ginger syrup into a glass and fill the rest of the glass up with chilled seltzer water.

Faith, author of An Edible Mosaic.
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I’m the writer, recipe developer, photographer, and food stylist behind this blog. I love finding the human connection through something we all do every day: eat! Food is a common ground that we can all relate to, and our tables tell a story. It’s my goal to inspire you to get in the kitchen, try something new, and find a favorite you didn’t know you had.

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  1. dear aunt faith love the gingerale. p.s. love rosie.

  2. Faith…isn’t it interesting to discover what makes our friends tick! I totally understand your obsession…it was also my Grandmother’s and Brother’s favourite drink.

    I too rarely drink alcohol…even though no one would know that by the way I splurge spirits on most of my cooking and baking. LOL.

    Back to gingerale…I can’t seem to want to drink the commercial stuff ever since I too started making my own.
    Every time I make candied ginger…I get the bonus of a jar of gold ;O) If you want the recipe…you know where to ask ;o) That said…I’ll have to try this very interesting twist of fresh rosemary the next time.

    Cheers my friend and Happy New Year,

  3. When I was little and sick my mom would always have me drink gingerale… so for the longest time I couldn’t drink it without cringing. Recently, my taste for the drink has grown, and I\’m thinking this one would be just lovely! Nicely done!

  4. What a wonderful idea…beautiful recipe and photos :)
    Sorry I have not been commenting lately, had some computer trouble and I can read most posts from my phone, but can not comment on the majority of sites…
    Anyway I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season and wishing you a fantastic New Year :)

  5. Faith, the first time I had homemade gingerale at Savoy in Soho, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven… it was spicy hot and refreshing at the same time and left the most remarkable taste in your mouth. I thought it was awesome. Thanks for a recipe for it.. the rosemary was a great addition! Happy New Year!

  6. This was such a pleasure to read. My husband is the same way about ginger ale. He loves the stuff. I can’t wait to make this drink for him. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I hope you and your family have a happy New Year!

  7. i LOVE ginger ale, and the very thought of that aromatic rosemary in there makes my mouth tingle. great suggestion, faith!

  8. I have a soft spot for ginger ale, too. But I love all things ginger. And the more ginger in it, the better. ;)

  9. I bet your homemade ginger ale is scrumptious Faith! How did you know I have a whole ton of ginger to use up? I love the added touch with the rosemary and I bet a little touch of cinnamon would be good too.

  10. That sounds delicious!!!!Happy New Year, Faith!

  11. I’m with you on the ginger ale thing. It somehow reminds me of being little and I often crave it. Recently I have become more aware of the versatility of rosemary and am intrigued by the thought of infusing ginger ale with it. I think it would be perfect as a non alcoholic new years eve treat! Have a happy and safe new year!

  12. that is a fascinating drink! Rosemary…there’s something so festive and whimsical about it.

  13. Faith, this is brilliant! My head is already spinning with all the different flavor combinations you could put together. I\’m a lover of ginger ale as well. When I was pregnant, I was addicted to ginger beer (non-alcoholic). Real ginger makes all the difference!

  14. I love ginger and I love soda (unfortunately – I love fizz!) So what a delight to find such a fresh idea… and I don’t drink alcohol either… so, this is a must try!

  15. Gingerale always reminds me of when I was little and had a stomach ache. Maybe this homemade version won’t have that effect!

  16. Faith, I never would have even thought of this. What a fantastic idea! I’m going to give this a shot, as ginger ale is my go-to carbonated beverage of late …

  17. OMG I LOVE that you really made your own ginger ale! That is so cool. It’s one of my favorite non-water beverages and I bet it must be so great with REAL ginger!

  18. Heavenly Housewife says:

    What a great idea! This would be perfect for me as I never drink.
    *kisses* HH

  19. I am a water drinker too. I met ginger ale while in the States and I loved it. I drank it too a lot. Unfortunately here I can only find it in a specific s/m not very close to my home. I love your version.

  20. We used to make Ginger Beer which I guess is different than Ginger Ale (maybe?) when we were kids, you had to have the ginger plant going somehow, & it worked a bit like yeast in the sense it grew & each batch you had to half it and just use half. The ginger beer was wonderful (although sometimes we did something wrong & the bottles literally blew up)…., but it was a great kids brew that’s for sure. Good memories. I think I like your version a bit more though Faith.., a lot simpler :)

  21. My hubby might kiss my feet if I made this for him! He’s a major ginger ale fan as well. I’m saving this. Thank you!

  22. 5 Star Foodie says:

    Your homemade ginger ale sounds just delightful, i love the infusion of rosemary!

  23. Wow, it never occurred to me how easy it would be to make homemade ginger ale!! I’ve had ginger beer before, and although I know you don’t drink alcohol, you may enjoy the flavor since it has the fresh and spicy ginger in it :) Hope you enjoy your homemade ginger ale ringing in the New Year! I can’t believe another decade has passed!!

  24. I love this idea! Fresh ginger is so delicious and will give it a nice kick. I think a rosemary sprig is the perfect accompaniment! Happy Almost New Year!

  25. Oh I bet this is so refreshing! I would never have thought of making homemade ginger ale but it sounds so good.

  26. Love this idea.
    I have never thought of making my own.
    You inspire me :)

  27. Faith,

    I’m with you, girl! I don’t know why Gingerale gets such a bad rep. Ever since cutting pop out of my “diet”, Gingerale is the only drink I don’t feel guilty drinking. I love that now I can make my own and know exactly what’s going into it. Also gives me another chance to 1-up my bro as he loves gingerale, but only buys it…teehee. Thanks for your recipe, Faith!

  28. I love this gingerale as it made from fresh ginger.

  29. Love ginger ale. I totally get it. You have now taken ginger ale it brought up to a new level with rosemary and ginger. Wow. very creative and most definitely festive.

    Happy New Year Faith!


  30. Homemade Ginger Ale, so nice! Would never think to make it! I always thought of it as a sick drink :) But now I really just like it!

  31. That’s kind of cute that you like ginger ale so much. :) This beverage looks quite refreshing and would be a delicious non-alcoholic alternative at a New Year’s party. Yummy! Have you ever seen or heard of Canada Dry’s drink of ginger ale and green tea? My husband and I used to drink that a lot. It was pretty good.

  32. This sounds sooo good. I am a ginger ale lover, too. I try to stick to water over soda but ginger ale gets me every time!

  33. Okay. I totally got it wrong. I thought you made a drink from ginger ale. No, you MADE ginger ale!!! my goodness!! Ginger ale is one my favorites but I never thought it could be made at home. Great job Faith!

  34. That sounds so refreshing! I am going to have to try this…the rosemary sealed the deal :)

  35. With pleasure! That looks so good. I love the combination of flavors.



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