This ebook contains 10 lovely Middle Eastern-inspired dessert recipes, each with its own beautiful full-page photo.

Some recipes are classic Middle Eastern sweets, like Warbat bil Ashta (Flaky Pastries with Cream Filling), Medloua (Layered Pudding Pastry Cake), and Ma’arouta (Rolled Spiced Date Cookies).

Other recipes are fresh new twists on classic Middle Eastern flavor combinations, such as Cardamom-Spiced Mocha Truffles (which was inspired by Turkish coffee with cardamom) and Coconut Mousse with Vanilla Bean Syrup (which Faith dreamed up while thinking about the classic Arabic pudding called Layali Lubnan, meaning “Lebanese Nights”).

And there are a few recipes that are Faith’s own creation entirely, with a wink and a nod to something she experienced in the Middle East.

If you’re enticed by the exotic flavors of Middle Eastern sweets, this recipe ebook is for you!

Faith dedicated this e-cookbook to the people of Syria and donated 100% of the profits from sales for the first year (from November 24, 2014 through November 23, 2015) to helping the children of Syria get essential supplies, medicine, and clean water through UNICEF.

Read more about this project and buy 10 Mid-East Inspired Sweet Treats: Contemporary Twists on Classic Treats in the post “To Syria, with Love”.