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Eid Mubarak!  I’m wishing everyone a very blessed Eid!  To celebrate the occasion, I made date filled cookies called Ma’amoul, one of Mike’s favorites.  I can’t share the recipe now, but it will be in my book!

Going through photos of mine and Mike’s trip to the Middle East, I realized that I hadn’t shared any of our pictures from Jordan!  While both of our hearts truly lie in Damascus, we also love Amman, as that’s where we were married.

The Dead Sea always takes my breath away…

You can rent a hookah (picture above) while you relax on the waterfront. 

The Dead Sea at sunset (picture above)…we were there on a hazy day and that’s my favorite thing about this picture.  It’s hard to tell where the sky meets the mountains in the background and where the mountains meet the water. 

In Northern Jordan, we visited Ajloun Castle, which built in 1184 and 1185 AD.  While it wasn’t nearly as magnificent as Crac des Chevaliers in Syria, it was a lovely castle and a fun excursion.  If interested, you can read a bit more about Ajloun Castle here or here

The lush, green valley below the castle (picture above).  Out of all four times that I’ve been to Jordan, this was my first time going in the spring.  It really was a lovely time of year to go; the temperatures were pleasantly warm, not oppressive like during the summer, and it didn’t rain nearly as much as it does during the winter.  And since the wet season had just ended, everything was green and in bloom…I’ve honestly never seen Jordan looking so beautiful. 

Have you ever seen the movie The Ninth Gate?  For some reason, this castle reminds me a little of the castle in the end of that movie.  The ominious sky makes it look so foreboding.

A narrow arrow slit (picture above).

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  1. This is certainly a very precious way to have us looking forward to your Jordan inspired treats ;o)

    Ciao bella and flavourful wishes,

  2. The castle does remind me of the one in The Ninth Gate…thank you for such an amazing photo tour, beautiful!
    Hope you had a wonderful Eid :)

  3. I love these pictures from your travels so much. :-) I would love to visit this part of the world one day. But until then, I shall live vicariously through your pictures and stories. :-)

  4. I already love the dead sea and now even more , ur pics are stunning!
    Absolutely !

    I am so waiting for ur book already and now even more u know !
    These cookies are sure going to be an absolutel delite !
    Wish i could sample a piece right away!
    Eid Mubarak and sunshine day!

  5. Faith,

    Your photography is flawless. You have a true eye. An incredible knack for capturing the moment. Awesome.

    Agreed with the castle looking like the one in The Ninth Gate. What a terrible movie but I still remember sitting through it in the movies. I am a big JD fan I guess.

    Happy holiday.

  6. 5 Star Foodie says:

    Wonderful photos of fabulous sites! The fig filled cookies look super delicious!

  7. Love the castle… sometimes I think I like ruins more than whole buildings… great pics.
    Happy Eid!

  8. How beautiful! I’ve never visited the area… your pics

  9. Hi Faith, thanks for stopping by my blog in return! You know, I was so happy to come by here today and see not only your Eid Mubarak post but photos of Jordan (I’m a citizen) :)

    I posted about maamoul a few weeks ago – it is SUCH a classic and I’m looking forward to seeing the recipe in your book. How exciting!

    Anyway, feeling some Jordan love and solidarity, and even more motivated to check out your blog archives.

  10. Just lovely! Happy Eid to you and your family! My family went to Jordan two years ago and these photographs are taking me back. Thank you for taking the time to share yourself and your creativity with me. It brightens my day (and many others\’). I hope you have a blessed evening, my friend!

  11. You are a cookie tease! These photos are stunning, would love to see these views in person some day ..

  12. wow! i love these pics! thank you for sharing faith :)

  13. You’re photos are beautiful! I hope to see The Dead Sea one day! I can’t wait for your cookbook either!

  14. Hi Faith,

    You take gorgoeus photos! I really loved The Dead Sea at sunset for the same reasons as you. Always something magical about a picture when the eyes can be fooled. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  15. That’s so exciting for the first cookbook! I can\’t wait to see your cookbook, Faith!

  16. Happy Eid to you and your family, too!

    You’re right about the castle and The Ninth Gate. Very erie.

    Your cookies look really yummy and I’m so excited about the hitns aobut your upcoming cookbook. When will it be out?!?

    Jordan vaguely reminds me of the American Southwest if it happened to be on the sea. Lovely.

  17. Faith, love the “tour”, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures…one day I’d love to see it personally!
    Have a fantastic week ahead :-)

  18. Great photos! That’s about the only place on earth that I want to visit that I haven’t been to yet. (The Army sent me to the middle east, but no place quite so photogenic!!) Cheers!

  19. I can’t wait for the day I can visit the Dead Sea. That sunset is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. And I can’t wait for your recipe on those cookies! It looks so crumbly and tasty.

  20. Happy Eid! Those pictures make me dream. Thanks for sharing them. Lovely ma’amouls.



  21. Thankyou for sharing these pics. My husband is from Amman Jordan. It truly is a special place. EID MUBARAK.

  22. Eid Mubarak Faith!! I love mamoul, and cant wait for your book.

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this, I am never likely to see it for myself so it is wonderful to see it through your eyes. The photos are fantastic. Diane

  24. Love seeing the pictures from your trip. Those cookies are beautiful. Date filled? Would love to try them

  25. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing these. It’s a part of the world I don’t usually get to peer into :)

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