One-Skillet Chicken and Summer Squash Sauté {Paleo}

One-Skillet Chicken and Summer Squash Sauté

What is your favorite recipe using zucchini? Muffins, breaded and fried, or stuffed, maybe?

This recipe is always a crowd-pleaser, and really lets the flavor of zucchini shine…

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Grilled Zucchini


On weekends during the summer my family does a lot of grilling.  Anything and everything you can imagine is fair game, from jalapeno poppers to crab cakes, to more traditional things like kebabs, chicken wings, and corn on the cob.  Next week we have some pretty tasty plans for grilled stuffed mushrooms and I’m dying to

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End of Summer Vegetable Quinoa

IMG_5375 (Small)

Ever wonder why some people seem to naturally gravitate towards certain foods and other people avoid those same foods like the plague?  In undergraduate school I majored in biological sciences, and evolutionary biology was the first required science course.  In one of our very first classes we were discussing how genetics influences different peoples’ taste

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Roasted Vegetable Ravioli in Vegetable Broth


Autumn is almost in the air.  Within a month the air will be crisp, the nights will be cool, and the leaves will start to turn their brilliantly stunning shades of yellow, red, and orange.  It’s almost sad to see summer go, but autumn is by far and away my favorite season (and probably the

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