Pink Grapefruit Supremes with Honey & Mint — Christmas Brunch

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Living in what basically amounts to the tundra in the winter, I have to take winter’s perks as they come.  One of the things I look forward to most of all during these frigid months is the delicious citrus that is in season.  (Of course it’s shipped here from somewhere else, but at least we get to enjoy it, lol.)  This grapefruit salad is simply flavored but deliciously refreshing, and makes a perfect addition to Christmas Brunch.

Speaking of delicious citrus, I had my first ever Cara cara navel orange yesterday and it was amazing.  Their color is ruby red like grapefruit but they taste sweet like navel orange.  I didn’t have my camera with me, otherwise I would have taken a picture to show you…but trust me, it was a gorgeous orange!

Pink Grapefruit Supremes with Honey & Mint

(Yield:  4 servings)

2 very large grapefruits

2 TB honey (more or less to taste)

2 TB minced fresh mint

To supreme the grapefruit, cut the top and bottom off of the grapefruit, then place it on a cutting board.  Start at the top and following the curve of the fruit, run the knife down the length of the fruit to take the peel off; repeat until all the peel is removed.  Cut close enough so that you take off all the pith (the white part) but not too deeply so that you waste the fruit.  To remove the segments, hold the grapefruit over a bowl and carefully slice inward along the membrane on both sides of a fruit segment, then remove the fruit segment; repeat this for all fruit segments.  Once you’re done, squeeze the membrane to get all the juice out.  Repeat with the other grapefruit.  Stir in the honey and mint and serve chilled.

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  1. says

    We just picked up some local Texas grapefruits at the store…and I must agree that citrus is one of the highlights of this cold season. Thank you for sharing with me. I hope your upcoming week is full of joy, laughter and good friends!

  2. says


    I’ve been eating so many oranges to try to get rid of this lingering cough. This would be a great change up for me. Definitely a different, refreshing, and simple little snack or dessert. Thank you for sharing.

  3. says

    grapefruit is so under rated, I like the addition of the honey it has to make such a wonderful difference in the flavor, sweetening that great grapefruit flavor!
    thanks for the inspiration

  4. says

    You know, I’m not a huge fruit lover, but I’m starting to crave grapefruit thanks to your post. The honey and mint are a great touch, and I can imagine a refreshing glass of iced mint tea would be nice with this (I love iced drinks year round, haha)

  5. says

    I am so happy that grapefruit season is rolling around once again. This is a terrific addition to a Christmas brunch. I bet the honey and mint is out of this world good. I’ve got to try this for sure!!

  6. says

    Once again, you have inspired me to edit my grocery list to include a particular ingredient, and of course this time is is grapefruit. I love grapefruit, and these look like greatness!

  7. says

    This sounds like a lovely treat–I bet it would perk up a winter day! I wonder if a Cara Cara orange is what Biz had recently? She pictured it and it looked just like a grapefruit and said it was the best orange ever. I’ve never heard or seen of them!

  8. says

    That looks so fresh and pretty. My only problem is that I am really terrible at cutting up little segments like that. I guess its all in the knife (I mean, its surely not my lack of skill LOL).
    *kisses* HH

  9. says

    I have to say, grapefruits are one of the only things I like about winter! I love this recipe with the honey and mint…so refreshing and a nice way to spruce up some citrus!

  10. says

    I had a lazy weekend which included an absence from the blogging world, and wow! It looks like I have a lot of deliciousness to catch up on! What a delicious combination of flavors! Can I come over for Christmas brunch??? :)

  11. says

    One of the many things I miss about my ex’s wonderful mother wasthe annual holiday shipment of grapefruit that came just before the holidays. In a big box, they were perfect and sweet and I loved doing things like your dish with them. The addition of mint is wonderful!!!! I would sometimes sugar and caramelize them with a blowtorch… that was fun!

  12. says

    My supremes never look that pretty! Fresh citrus definitely brightens cold wintry days! Most of the grapefruit I buy goes to fresh squeezed juice for grapefruit martinis! But this is a perfectly simple and elegant brunch dish :)

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