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Because everyone’s favorite Irish stout goes well beyond St. Paddy’s Day festivities, I’m sharing the 10+ Best Guinness Recipes to Cook and Bake with Beer!

10+ Best Guinness Recipes to Cook and Bake with Beer Collage

Every year when St. Paddy’s Day rolls around I buy a 6-pack of Guinness. It’s tradition! I typically make a couple different stews or casseroles and save a bottle or two to enjoy with said stews/casseroles.

However, then I’m left with at least two bottles of Guinness in my fridge. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I do like cooking and baking with beer, lol!

Do I leave it to sit in my fridge until St. Paddy’s Day rolls around next year?! Nope! That’s where these best Guinness come in. Hopefully they’ll inspire both you and me to use up that Guinness in something delicious!

Best Guinness Recipes with Description

Best Guinness Recipes

I’m learning that the sky is the limit in terms of what you can use Guinness for. Savory beef, chicken, and lamb recipes, and sweet desserts, like cakes, brownies, and cookies. And next on my list, I want to try my homemade caramel with a Guinness twist!

Here are a few of what I think are the best Guinness recipes.

Guinness Beef Stew and Irish Brown Soda Bread

Guinness Beef Stew with Irish Brown Soda Bread (above)

Best Guinness Recipes with Beef

Champ-Topped Vegetable Beef Guinness Casserole is similar to Shepard’s Pie and makes a deliciously hearty and satisfying meal. I start with a rich meat and vegetable filling in Guinness gravy. And then I top it with “champ”, which is mashed potatoes with scallion and butter.

If you’re looking for a classic favorite to serve on St. Patrick’s Day (or any fall or winter day!), Guinness Beef Stew with Irish Brown Soda Bread is the way to go and definitely one of the all-time best Guinness recipes. The rich flavor of Guinness is present but not overpowering in this stew, and it’s quite nutritious with tons of vegetables.

Serve this stew up with Irish soda bread for dunking.

Instant Pot Chicken Sausage Guinness Stew

Instant Pot Chicken Sausage Guinness Stew (above)

Best Guinness Recipes with Chicken

My Instant Pot Chicken Sausage Guinness Stew whips up in just 35 minutes thanks to the use of an electric pressure cooker. The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity. Top-quality chicken sausage pairs beautifully with fresh rosemary and Guinness.

Sticky Guinness Chicken from The Endless Meal uses chicken thighs (anyone else LOVE the richer flavor of dark meat chicken?) and drowns them in a sticky Guinness-based BBQ-type sauce. I’m also tempted to make the sauce for chicken wings and serve it up at my next party.

Chicken Guinness Pot Pie from Heather Cristo features chicken with a variety of vegetables in a flavorful sauce enhanced with Guinness. And I love that she uses puff pastry for a super flaky topping! Comfort food doesn’t get any better.

Champ-Topped Vegetable Beef Guinness Casserole on Green Table

Champ-Topped Vegetable Beef Guinness Casserole (above)

Best Guinness Appetizer and Condiment Recipes

Spiced Guinness Pretzels with Irish Cheddar Fondue from How Sweet It Is pair Guinness-laced spiced pretzels with luscious cheddar fondue and looks like something I need in my life ASAP. I would live off that fondue if I could.

These sliders are the best of both words: adorable little sandwiches for the ladies with big, bold flavors for the guys! In this Guinness Beef Sliders recipe from Lemon Tree Dwelling, Guinness + butter + a few other delicious components come together for a flavorful glaze.

Spicy Guinness Mustard from The Hungry Mouse looks like the answer to my boring turkey sandwiches! It would also be perfect for corned beef or roast beef sandwiches, or to dress up your favorite burger, or to take roast chicken to the next level.

Best Guinness Dessert Recipes

Vanilla Bean Guinness Cupcakes

Vanilla Bean Guinness Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Coffee Buttercream (above)

Guinness Cakes and Cupcakes

Because of the caramel and coffee-like flavor notes in Guinness, it’s a natural pairing with chocolate desserts. But my Vanilla Bean Guinness Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Coffee Buttercream are proof that Guinness also works well in sweet vanilla treats! Moist and tender-crumbed vanilla cupcakes are topped with rich caramel buttercream with a hint of salt for a flavor profile that’s hard to resist.

Check out the stunning layers in Gimme Some Oven’s recipe for Guinness Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting! Deep, dark, moist chocolate cake paired with velvety cream cheese frosting; who could resist?!

Fudgy Guinness Brownies with Dark Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Fudgy Guinness Brownies with Dark Chocolate Ganache (above)

Guinness Brownies

Fudgy Guinness Brownies with Dark Chocolate Ganache are the perfect foil for an Irish-inspired meal. Honey balances out the slight bitterness of stout in this recipe. If fudgy brownies are your thing you won’t want to miss these. These brownies are my personal favorite sweet treat that contains Guinness, which is why I consider them one of the best Guinness recipes!

I’m a firm believer that brown butter makes everything better. If you’re like me, you won’t want to miss Simply Scratch’s Chocolate Guinness Brownies with Brown Butter Stout Frosting. The brownies look luscious on their own and topped with that frosting, they are next-level.

Guinness Cookies

Guinness Crinkle Cookies from I Bake He Shoots are chewy inside and beautifully crinkly outside. I love the use of dark brown sugar and espresso powder here to highlight the flavor notes of Guinness!

Anyone else love the ease of no-bake cookies? These rich Dark Chocolate Guinness No Bake Cookies from Sugar & Soul have great texture (as well as bumped up nutrition) thanks to oats. Also, there’s a secret ingredient in the mix that has me intrigued!

What’s your favorite way to cook or bake with Guinness?

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